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Call For Your Free Computer Diagnosis
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Call For Your Free Computer Diagnosis
(877) 850-6599
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Get a Faster Computer in 3 Easy Steps!

Get your free computer diagnosis by calling a CleanPCNow representative, or by downloading our software.
Your free CleanPCNow computer diagnosis will identify issues that may be impacting your computer performance.
Ask your CleanPCNow technician about our tech support subscription. Or, optimize your computer with CleanPCNow software for just $19.99.

Cleaner Means Faster!™

Get a Faster PC Today
Get a Faster Computer Today
CleanPCNow technicians can identify and fix issues that may
be slowing down your computer, including viruses, Internet clutter,
and junk files.
Get a Faster PC Today
Stop Crashes, Freezes, and Slow Start-Up
Sick of your computer freezing up? Free up memory and processing power by removing the junk that’s slowing down your computer, preventing errors and improving performance.
Get a Faster PC Today
Remove Viruses and Junk Files
Speak to a knowledgeable tech support representative to remove viruses and fix other computer issues today. Or, download CleanPCNow software to speed up your computer in minutes!
Get a Faster PC Today
No Need to Take Your Computer In
95% of our customers say it’s important to have 24 hour access to a technician for their computer repair needs. We agree. And that’s why CleanPCNow offers you access to our remote technician
any time you need them!
This easy-to-use software can identify issues with your
computer performance in minutes.
Buy CleanPCNow software for just $19.99 to optimize your computer performance. Software activation assistance is just a phone call away.